it was all a dream

Our story starts with designing tee shirts for fashion designers and goes through working for numerous advertising and branding agencies. we’ve been working with many people and concider brushgunz studio to be a dream come true - a design and development home with our freedom to create only the best for us and our clients.

Our partners in Crime.

The studio is a perfect mix of an inhouse team alongside some amazing talents that teamed up with us along the way - we collaborate daily and take part in each other’s projects. This way has been working for us for years now, always learning from new professionals and always keeping our skills sharp.

Chen Mizrach

Chen runs brushgunz and has been doing it for 7 years already. He is a father, a multi-disciplined designer and a good life lover. 

Rotem Sharvit

Rotem is the heart of the studio, as well as an amazing product and graphic designer > we LOVE Rotem

Jonathan Ydov

Also known as Gravy Studio, Jonathan is big part of our lifes as well as a personal mentor and partner for development and front end issues.

Amir Friedman

Amir is gift, a blessing. 
Watching amir create front end magic is something this studio got addicted to in the past 2 years.

Rotem Peer

Also known as Two Good, a creative social marketing business that Rotem runs at our space. She talks on the phone, uses nail polish and when she’s not here she’s working around the globe. 

Jonathan Pihotka

Although Jonathan left the studio, he is still a guide for everything we do in photography and editing + he wrote this website.

Hila Cohen

Hila handles top notch UX projects as well as studio photoshoots and art-direction.  She also has her own line of products going on.

We have the privilege to learn from great clients such as Mindspace